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Super easy, super rich dessert that is made in advance. What’s not to like? Just remember to take out if the freezer about ten minutes before serving. This time I served them in little espresso cups, but for an even richer pudding, try those chocolate cups in the ice cream aisle. Some sharp fruit eg raspberry or blackcurrant would be good on the side. This is probably the only pudding I’ve tried that isn’t improved with cream, unlikely as that sounds. The quantities below make four medium servings or eight small ones (eg in chocolate cups).

100g really good quality dark chocolate
5 tbsp condensed milk
4 tbsp double cream

Melt the chocolate and condensed milk in a bowl set over a pan of boiling water. Take off the heat and stir in – using a whisk – the cream. When completely smooth and mixed pour into serving cups / pots / dishes, cover and freeze for at least four hours. Remove shortly before serving and add any garnish.




Perfect little nibbles for a Christmas party, but be warned, these are very sweet and very more-ish! Easy enough for kids to make too. Quantities below make about 24 snowdrops, which means the chef can try a couple, for quality testing purposes of course….

200g white chocolate
4 tbsp condensed milk
25g butter
8 ready to eat dried apricots
4 good handfuls rice crispies
Hundreds and thousands to decorate

Break the chocolate into squares in a large bowl over a pan of water. Be careful that the bowl doesn’t touch the water. Add the condensed milk and butter and stir occasionally until melted. Meanwhile, chop (or cut with a pair of scissors) the apricots into quarters. Beat the chocolate and milk mixture until smooth and take off the heat to stir in the apricots and crispies. If the mix is very stiff, pop it back on top of the pan for a minute, stirring well. When all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, use a teaspoon or your fingers to put small blobs of mix onto a sheet of greaseproof paper. Decorate with hundreds and thousands and leave in the fridge to set (about an hour).



The classic no cook cake – rich, chocolatey and really easy to make. I like to use a mixture of milk and dark chocolate for the top to give it a hit of cocoa but without being too bitter. This recipe is definitely only for those with a sweet tooth. The photo below doesn’t do it justice. Yum!

125g butter
4 tbsp golden syrup
200g digestives, broken into chunks (not crumbs)
100g raisins
3 tbsp cocoa powder
200g milk chocolate
50g dark chocolate

Melt the butter and syrup in a heavy bottomed pan on a low heat. Take off the heat and stir in the cocoa, the raisins, then the biscuits. Press into a square tin. Melt the chocolate and spread over the top. Put in the fridge until just set, then cut into 16 squares and return to the fridge to chill completely.



Continuing with the use of tinned fruit where only tinned fruit will do…

A really easy pudding today – because I have also made a moussaka from scratch and baked a loaf of bread to go with it, so I figure a simple pudding is allowed. This is also my husband’s absolute favourite pud in the world.

Packet of orange jelly
Tin of mandarin segments in juice

Break jelly into cubes into a Pyrex jug. Add boiling water up to the 1/2 pint mark and stir until cubes are dissolved. Open tin and pour juice into jug and add water as necessary to get up to the 1 pint mark. Put segments into one large serving bowl or individual dishes (I used wine glasses to make it look posher than it is). Carefully pour jelly over; leave to cool then put in the fridge to set for at least four hours. Serve with cream or – even better – evaporated milk (preferably straight from the tin!).



What better way to start than with this classic fridge cake. My 5 year old helped make this easy but delicious pudding, breaking the chocolate, crushing the pistachios, chopping the cherries, but most of all, licking the bowl after!

This is a variation on the recipe in the Phil Vickery book ‘A passion for puddings’ (free some years ago with Carnation Condensed Milk, and featuring condensed milk as an ingredient in every recipe). You can use whatever bit and pieces you want to go in the chocolate mix, but it has to have marshmallows to be a proper Rocky Road. Personally, I prefer to chop up big marshmallows into quarters (scissors is easier than a knife) rather than use the mini mallows – also much cheaper.

200g / 7oz dark chocolate, broken into pieces
200g / 7oz condensed milk
25g / 1oz butter
100g / 4oz pistachios, crushed (put in a freezer bag and bash with a rolling pin, but not too much)
75g / 3oz glade cherries, washed and halved
200g / 7oz marshmallows

Make a bain marie by bringing a pan of water to the boil and place a heatproof bowl in top, making sure that it doesn’t touch the water. Put the chocolate, butter and condensed milk in the bowl and stir occasionally until it is all melted and smooth. Take off the heat and stir in the cherries, nuts and marshmallows. Spread onto a piece of baking parchment – about an inch thick is probably right but leave it thicker if you like. Put in the fridge overnight to set, then cut up into about 16 pieces. It is very rich, so don’t worry if the pieces look a but small.